Challenges & Goals

HIV has baffled researchers and people living with HIV for decades.

Challenges we are up against

There are over 38 million people living with HIV

No cure exists

Daily medicine required to manage infection

Daily ART medication can be expensive, inaccessible, inconvenient, and toxic over time.

HIV inserts inself into the host’s DNA

Ongoing stigma

How we plan to address the challenges

Combine HIV research with public health

Eliminate HIV DNA within the body while simultaneously boosting the immune system

We plan on using CRISPR/Cas9 to directly target and cut out HIV inside the body while naturally amplifying the body’s immune system to eliminate any residual virus.

Create a single infusion

Testing & Safety

Our gene editing technology is analyzed with computers, cells, animals, and lastly humans before release to the general public.

Engage & Inform

Address stigma by increasing basic HIV and gene therapy literacy alongside community partners.

Tackling the problem with
a unique approach.

Research approach
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