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PNAS | 05/02/2024
Structural rearrangements in the nucleus localize latent HIV proviruses to a perinucleolar compartment supportive of reactivation
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Cell | 02/29/2024
The CARD8 inflammasome dictates HIV/SIV pathogenesis and disease progression
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Philadelphia Gay News | 09/29/2022
New CRISPR-Based HIV Therapy Could Eliminate Need for Antiretrovirals
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Science Magazine | 09/21/2022
First individual treated with CRISPR-based HIV therapy, a breakthrough treatment pioneered by researchers at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and developed by Excision BioTherapeutics
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Excision BioTherapeutics | 09/15/2022
Excision BioTherapeutics Doses First Participant in EBT-101 Phase 1/2 Trial Evaluating EBT-101 as a Potential Cure for HIV
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The Washington Post | 07/27/2022
Longtime HIV Patient is Effectively Cured After Stem Cell Transplant
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The Temple News | 03/29/2022
Temple’s HIV Treatment Undergoes Clinical Trial
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LKSOM at Temple University | 02/24/2022
First Clinical Trial CRISPR-Based HIV Therapy Founded on Breakthrough Research at LKSOM
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Positively Aware | 01/12/2022
The Third Era of the Martin Delaney Collaboratories
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People Magazine | 11/03/2021
A Potential One-Dose Treatment to “Functionally Cure” HIV Will be Tested in Human Trials
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